Book Development Part 6

Care in High Volume Bitesize Part 6: Supervision & Self-Care?

A behind the scenes series of bitesize moments from recorded meetings where James and Liz discuss the pre-design, content and challenges of their upcoming publication Care in High Volume: A Pragmatic Guide to Low Intensity Psychological Therapy.

In this final part of the series, James and Liz reflect on the challenges of the high volume nature of low intensity practice. They discuss the issues of burnout and the systemic issues typically observed within IAPT services. Liz makes reference to the blog James wrote ‘Resilience: it’s time to change the conversation’, which can be found on the hosted by Liz. The post can be found using the following link,

We will be back after a short break with a further series focussed on topical issues related to the development of the book

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